Automatic trading

Fully Data-Driven

Panic selling, greedy buying, these are just some of the ways that emotions may affect your trading for the worse. Worldtradefair uses pure analysis to drive its trading decisions. Apply up to 130+ indicators and candle stick patterns.

Easy Peasy UI

Worldtradefair is made for everyone. No coding experience is required. Set your hopper up in 5 minutes and go.

Superior Tracking Technology

Worldtradefair can track up to 75 coins simultaneously and scan them all against your chosen profit goals, indicators and preferences.

24/7 Active Tech

Automated trading allows you to trade 24/7 days, 365 days a year. It buys, tracks and sells your investments while you sleep.

The Marketplace

Top Traders

Professional traders can apply to become marketplace sellers or signalers. Each applicant is screened by Worldtradefair staff on their knowledge, previous experience and intentions as sellers.

Crypto Signals

Crypto signals are sent by third party technical analysts working hard to pinpoint on-the-rise coins. Once they have spotted a promising investment, they share that knowledge with anyone subscribed to them.

Advanced Strategies

Strategies are indicator cheat sheets. They are made from technical analysis and specific indicator configurations. Designed by screened and approved traders and easy for you to buy.

Configuration Templates

Indicators are coin specific. Not all will be set up optimally for specific market conditions. The template marketplace offers templates that can be used along with the strategies to ensure that your hopper works hard around the clock.

Performance Reports

Browse seller ratings and join social channels to hear market seller reviews. View real time performance reports for crypto signals and pick the best performing signaler for your hopper.

Strategy Designer

30+ Indicators

Use a wide collection of indicators and easily implement them into your hopper. Select and click - no coding required.

90+ Candle Patterns

Worldtradefair is the only trading bot that recognizes candle patterns. Candle patterns allow the hopper to perform "naked trading" which is a vital functionality for professional traders.

Smart Interaction

Use multiple indicators at the same time to carve out a powerful strategy. Customize specifically how many you want to trigger for buys and sell and use tools like "keep signals for" to ensure your hopper is perfectly calibrated for market conditions.

Exchange Connectivity

9 Global Exchanges

Worldtradefair connects to Huobi, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, Kucoin and Cryptopia via their API's

0$ Trading Fees

Don't accept more fees over exchange fees. Your profit is yours to own! Worldtradefair is paid monthly and will never take your trade profits.

Safe and Secure

Worldtradefair has no option to withdraw your funds. Your funds are held safely on your exchange to mitigate security risks. This, combined with the 2FA and AWS hosting makes Worldtradefair a very safe platform to use.


Historical Backtesting

Do you have a new strategy? You can now see how it would have performed by viewing exactly when your hopper would have bought and sold and how much profit you would have made.

Free Papertrading

Don't be stuck in the past. View how your hopper can performs in the present. Try Papertrading any time and deposit up to 100k of every currency offered on your exchange and craft the perfect strategy to use with your real funds, with 0 risk.

No Experience Needed

Set up your Papertrading hopper now. There is no need to have an exchange account, cryptocurrencies or experience. You can already start trading with just a simple 3 minute setup.

Trailing Features

Trailing Stop-Loss

Track a price of an asset upwards and only sell when it has made a certain decline. This is one of the most popular features on Worldtradefair.

Trailing Stop-Buy

Use the TSB smart buy tracking technology that allows your hopper to determine whether a coin is actually rising, or just showing a temporary reversal.

Trailing Stop-Short

Trailing Stop-short tells your hopper to buy back your shorted assets when they show the most promise for recovery.

Bear Market Tools

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging allows you to double or triple up on an investment that went sour. By using DCA, you can mitigate any potential bags by bringing down the weighted average price.


Short sell your coins to mitigate a sudden drop. Track your coins to the bottom and only buy them back when they show signs of recovery.


Respond to the rise and fall of Bitcoin and make sure that you respond to early signs of bear markets. Create customized actions ranging from notifications to sell orders to ensure your portfolio is safe 24/7.